Stick Breakdown RBD Machine is for drawing electrical collection for wire & insert Industry with the benefit of reduced manpower, quality supply, increased production capacity, supply saving and many lots more. Nirmala Engineering Works specializes in manufacturing RBD equipment which follows the associated with cold rolling, through that typically wire can be lured reduction per pass i will.e.

reduces downtime to minimal level. Rod Breakdown maker works as the critical facilities of the location and generates good purchases Special Purpose Machine a low associated with production, if implemented very well and as per dependence on the type of executed wire. Rod Breakdown RBD Machine classifieds itself on the road to two types as . Tandem Type RBD It works at an acceleration of mtr sec. by motor power HP to wire. Basically Tandem model RBD machine comprises of the Capstan which are associated with capstan rings which could be High Carbon high chromium HCHCr approved which delivers better quality of ideal product and is in addition safe for long word of mouth use.

Tandem Type RBD machine get developed for big plants and flowers. . Step Cone Type RBD It works on a speed of mtrsec. and motor control HP HP to create wire. Step Spool Type is set up in SSI units maintaining minimum wire everybody should. Rod Breakdown Machine also get differentiated according to wire types which is Copper wire RBD machine, Aluminium range RBD machine, Aluminium lightweight alloy wire RBD machine. Copper Lines RBD machine is commonly employed in cable firm to make turning wires with currently the specification to attraction the wire completely dia mm .

mm dia inside a single pass, while opposed to this aluiminium wire RBD machine is moreover used to do cable wire utilizing specifications to drawing the wire via dia . millimeters . mm dia in a bachelor pass. Apart at the above, Aluminium mixture wire RBD hosting server which is valuable to make conductors utilizes a specification divided on to two phase mainly first phase which pulls the wire received from . mm millimeters and second measure which draws unquestionably the wire from millimeter .